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UCSB Student
Sarcastic Introvert
Currently learning to become a better person for myself
I'm not good at replying back to messages but I'll try my best

instagram: pscarina

a-rikira: Happy birthday gorgeous! Hope you are/will be having fun at college! Study hard and remember to stay away from shriveled up shrimp dicks. :D

Omg I’m laughing so much right now hahaha 
Thank you <33 (: I’ll make sure to have fun & I hope you’re doing well ! 

malialovesit: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're gr8

Aww thank you ^_^

premi3r: had to end it with "I can't even" didn't you haha

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Like this post

My roommate, Lupe, Is fucking awesome. 

I love her so much like wtf 

White girl status, so drunk omg what is life. I can’t even 

Omg my birthday is tomorrow wtf 

Gonna go skate with my roomies ^_^ 


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